Swimwear chubby girls

Stylish plus-size bikini

Yes, chubby girls can make a choice in favor of two-piece swimsuits. Panties is something that serve as figure-correcting piece. In plus-size options they are cut not as high as in conventional models, allowing you to cover wider hips, plus the upper part almost reaches the navel or even closes it.


Retro style is completely focused on women with the forms because separate bathing suits usually send us back to the 50th, even the ones of fuchsia color from super-elastic fabric.

Slimming belly pants can be made of dark cloth, bright one with a mischievous sort of red cherries printed on a white background in the style of pin-up. Also, designers often provide them with decorative drapes on the sides to make them visually thinner.

If the figure allows it, bodice with straps can be waived altogether in favor of the spectacular bandeau. It can decorate and draperies, to draw attention to the chest. Dimensioned, it would in any case cover the body more than a similar model in the thin persons.

If you still want to provide additional support, choose a bodice with drawstrings around the neck underwired and with a thin sewn foam. It will lift the contours and make your look more tempting.

Tankini beachwear

Swimwear styles for full girls

Tankini bodice is made in the form of a top, reaching the top heats or almost completely covering buttocks. Tankini is necessarily equipped with underwire cups that provide decent support. Also it can feature special inserts in stomach and waist areas, giving more elegant shapes.

´┐╝These plus-size swimwear looks as feminine as bikini, especially the ones with tops are not tailored shirts: e.g. with the ties and the bottom edge with nice-looking edging. Small incisions and coattails will make your look complete and appealing.

Swim-dress options

Swimdress has much in common with tankini, although it is a more elongated option. Swim-dress also applies to swimwear, hiding the belly, but looking even more flirtatious and playful. In fact this ultra-mini dress made of special fabric; in ordinary life, such a length is hardly wearable, but on the beach it will look not only appropriate, but also very cute.

The length of the stamp varies from reaching the middle of the buttocks, to completely closing them and even a few centimeters of the hips. This swimsuit can also be decorated with the drapes or even a cascade of large ruffles. The straps can cover the neck, ideally forming a neckline or go over the shoulders. The fabrics can be very diverse, depending on the cut of the upper part. The smaller top body clings, the less flexible it can be.

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