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The ancient Greeks are the first known civilization to stress the importance of supporting women’s breasts. The ancient Greeks wore bras called the apodesme. They supported the chest while hoisting the breasts upward. In fact, in the Mycenaean civilization, people admired breasts and they were considered somewhat sacred.

The ancient Greeks

Interesting fact about Victoria’s Secret

Yet we find it very interesting that one of the most famous and successful lingerie retailers in the world was started with some input from a dude. Roy Raymond and his wife Gaye started Victoria’s Secret in 1977 in California, USA.

You see, Roy greatly disliked shopping for lingerie in the department stores, so Victoria’s Secret was planted as a seed in Roy’s head. He spent eight years doing his underwear research and came to the conclusion that both men and women needed a more laid-back and comfortable place to shop for lingerie. With $40,000, he and Gaye started the first Victoria’s Secret and well, the rest is history, as they say!

Small, but Sweet

Women in Japan may have the smallest breast size, but that does not mean they aren’t sexy to look at. Just ask the men. We all know that the Japanese are typically more petite, so it would be awfully strange for them to have large breasts, wouldn’t it? That being said, small doesn’t have to mean boring, and there are still plenty of lingerie options for women who are less endowed. Anyone these days can show off their assets, and with the onslaught of push-ups bras and other modern undergarments, creating the illusion of larger breasts is really not all that difficult.

Madonna’s “Bullet Bra” was Made by Gaultier

Madonna’s “Bullet Bra” was Made by Gaultier

Do you remember when Madonna first rocked her glamorous “bullet bra?” She was already a fashion and music star, but that undergarment worked wonders. The date was June 25, 1990, and a tight and toned (and much younger) Madonna rocked the stage for her Blonde Ambition Tour. The bullet bra was designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier and solidified her place in music and fashion history. In 2012, the bullet bra sold at auction for a whopping $52,000! Many fashion insiders have stated that Madonna’s bold look helped women feel more comfortable with the bodies and femininity. It gave more power to the female figure and the bullet bra has even gotten some modern upgrades!

Dita von Teese is the Corset Queen


Dita von Teese is one of the most famous modern-day pin-up and burlesque girls. She is known for her luscious dark hair, sultry eyes, and whittled-down waist. It was actually all of her corsets that shrunk her waistline down; at one point she could get it down to a staggering 16 inches! We’re not sure how safe that is, but we do know that Dita von Teese is a superb burlesque performer. She performs for audiences around the world and is often a guest for such elite socialites as Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin, and Chopard. She also has an online store where you can purchase clothing, beauty products, fragrances, and of course, lingerie.

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