A1711Are you looking for the perfect lingerie for your wedding night or honeymoon? Picking the right lingerie is incredibly exciting, but it can be a little scary, too. While both sexes enjoy the little something extra, this kind of attire adds to the bedroom, it’s not likely something you’ve talked openly with people about before. Don’t let the newness or the perceived awkwardness keep you from exploring this facet of your wardrobe. Here’s everythaing you want to know about lingerie but have always been too afraid to ask.

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When it comes to lingerie, there’s nothing more important than finding a bra that fits perfectly. Wearing a properly fitting bra will not only improve comfort and support, but it can make you feel much more confident too. As we know how tricky finding the perfect fit can be, we’ve put together our most common fit problems and insider tips.

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There is so much focus on choosing the perfect wedding dress for your big day, that many brides forget about what they are going to wear under the dress. Bridal lingerie is a crucial part of your outfit and can make a real difference to the way you look and feel throughout the day, so you should shop for your lingerie well in advance to be sure you have got it just right.

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